Toulon City Business Directory

Toulon is a port city by the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated in the French Riviera. It is the third largest city after Marseille and Nice in the coast of the Mediterranean. The port in Toulon is an important hub for military actions. It forms the naval base for the Mediterranean coast. The city also houses the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and also houses the French Mediterranean Fleet. In Toulon, the tourist destinations are divided into areas. The Old Town, the Upper Town of Georges-Eugène Haussmann, the Harbour and Arsenal, Le Mourillon, Mount Faron and Vauban’s fortification form the major places of interest. There are many fountains, churches and monuments located in all these sights. Toulon has a Mediterranean climate condition due to its coastal location. The city also has numerous museums of popular interest like the Museum of the French Navy, Museum of Old Tuolon and its Region and Museum of Asian Arts among many other notable sights.

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