Strasbourg City Business Directory

Located in the Grand Est, Strasbourg is the largest city of the region. The city also serves as the official place of the European Parliament and the Bas-Rhin prefecture. Strasbourg shares borders with Germany and Alsace. Strasbourg experiences Oceanic climate conditions. Historically, the city was a seat for the Roman empire. It also housed the Argentoratum Roman camp in 12BC. In terms of historical movements, Strasbourg was an important position in the Protestant Reformation movement. Many notable personalities like, Wolfgang Capito, John Calvin and Katharina Zell formed were known to be from the city. Strasbourg consists of ten districts including the Neudorf and Neuhof. The most popular attraction in the city is the sandstone Gothic Cathedral. Some other popular places of interest are, the Le Petit France, the Place du Marché aux Cochons de Lait, Cathedral of Our Lady, Maison des tanneurs and Eglise Saint-Thomas among many other places.

Strasbourg is a city in France, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here.