Rennes City Business Directory

Rennes is situated at the meeting point of the Vilaine and Ille rivers. It serves as the capital for the Brittany region. Rennes served as an important place of administration for the Duke of Brittany. The city has developed from a rural region to an urban planning city. Despite constant structural developments, Rennes has maintained the classical heritage of its architecture. Rennes is popular for having many concert halls like the the MusikHall, the Le Liberte, L’Etage and the Ubu. The city also has five notable museums that attract tourist interest. They are the, Musée des Beaux Arts, Musée de Bretagne, Museum of Farming and Rennes Countryside at Bintinais, Musée des Transmissions and the FRAC Bretagne Fond Régional d'Art contemporain. Some popular local dishes from the city include, Breton galette, galette-saucisse, crepe and cider. Rennes has many sports teams in fields of football, rugby, handball and road bicycling among others.

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