Reims City Business Directory

The most densely populated city in Marnes, Reims is a popular city known for its champagne. The Vesle river, tributary to the river Aisne flows through the city. The city was an important seat of administration during the Roman Emperor. Historically, it is said that the Gauls were the founders of the city. Many notable monuments and places in Reims are listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list. Reims is known for celebrating the annual Fêtes Johanniques festival. In terms of cultural halls, the Reims Opera House and Reims Manège and Circus are popular. The city also houses many museums like the Palace of Tau, the Reims Manège and Circus and the Museum of Fine Arts. The Parc de Champagne is a notable park located in the city. The Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne in Rhimes is an important educational institution.

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