Angers City Business Directory

Angers is the third most densely populated city in the north western region of France and also ranks eighteenth in all of France. Historically, the city is an important site for France’s dynastic history. Angers served as the capital of Anjou up until the French Revolution. The city was the seat of the Plantagenet dynasty and also an important cultural centre during the reign of Rene of Anjou. It has been established that Angers developed at the meeting point of the rivers, Sarthe, Loir and Mayenne. These three rivers converge in the South with the Maine river. Presently, the city is popular for its horticultural business. The Community Plant Variety Office is located in the city. Angers is also known for numerous museums like the Musée des Beaux-Arts and Musée des Beaux-Arts. The city is also the hub for educational institutions like the Catholic University of the West among others.

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